glows and glums

I’m heading to college in a month, and I am ready.

(or, as ready as I can be!)

My time management skills are on point, my confidence is running high. I am less adverse to risks, more open to unpredictability.

And for all of this, I thank my gap year.

The past few months have been far from easy and predictable. I have trained relentlessly on the track only to end up with a metatarsal stress fracture, moved houses, messed up sight-reading at church, logged sketchily few practice hours for violin, and had some overdue library books.

about to read some of my writing at a bookstore. I may have brought a rubber chicken along for emotional support…

At the same time, this year has been “pretty chill” (says my sister). Amidst all the frustration and the setbacks, I have spent time reading, writing, and hanging out with my family and our dog Zoe.

Anika and Zoe      🙂

The frustrating, unpredictable elements haven’t turned out abysmally, either. For one thing, the stress fracture has forced me to be resourceful and adventurous- I’ve been swimming with my sisters and crashing their water polo practices. And while not as fun as running, I am proud of how much better I’ve gotten at butterfly (flip-turns not as much…).

stress fracture 🙁

For another, my sight-reading skills are pretty fantastic now. The other week, I played first violin at church! And to top it off, I have become a Jedi at writing emails.

Ultimately, my gap year, with all its glows and glums, has taught me to be patient and unrelenting in my efforts. I look back to a year ago (re: awesome parties and pinatas), to when I wasn’t as confident of an email writer, afraid to tell people what I needed to be successful, scared to try and become a better runner, unwilling to be uncomfortable and try new things. But from my patience and persistence, I have found confidence and a deeper desire to keep working towards my goals.

Yoda gets it right– keep going, give it your all, and make no excuses!



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