bowties are cool!

My name is Alex and I took a gap year. In August, I will begin my first year of college at Lawrence University in Appleton, WI.

My favorite color is yellow, my dog’s name is Zoe, and my favorite shape is the dodecahedron.

Now for a brief q+a…

q: What did I do on my gap year?

a: Not stare at trees in the wilderness. Or travel. Nope, I ran (a lot), wrote (kind of a lot), and played violin (a lot more than I was). I also sang in a choir and practiced basic life skills in my spare time.

q: Why did you decide to take a gap year?

a: Excellent question! I don’t have a short answer to this question, so I won’t interrupt this brief q+a to fully answer that here. However, if you are curious, just know that high school wasn’t the jam to my peanut butter, I needed to remember how cool it is to be a land fish, and I wasn’t ready to whack a pinata (you can click on the underlined words to make sense of this seemingly nonsensical answer).

q: How can I contact you with questions, rants, etc.?

a: contact me at chandalexandra@gmail.com or on Twitter @racetosomewhere