Gap Year Wonderfulness

Gap Year Programs, Fellowships, etc:

In the great outdoors: National Outdoor Leadership SchoolAmeriCorps, High Mountain Institute

Study abroad: NSLI-YCBYXYES AbroadAFSESU Secondary School Exchange

For entrepreneurs: Thiel Fellowship

Gappie blog posts: Olin College gap year blogs, MIT admissions: “Why I Took a Gap Year”, Huffington Post: “Mind the Gap Year”

On tumblr: Hannah’s Gap Year Blog, SJ’s Gap, Rachel’s Gap Year Travel Blog

More helpful linksAmerican Gap Association, NACAC: A Trend Toward Gap Years: An Idea Whose Time Has Come (see p. 33), Davidson: Tips for Parents: Navigating a Gap Year, UC Berkeley Alumni Association: “Oh, the Places You’ll Go: The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year Off Before College, Brown: Additional Gap Year Resources, College Confidential: Pros and Cons of Gap Year

Funny links: Poetry Society: “Gap Year Letter from a Five-Toed Sloth”

Reading and writing!

Blogs: Modern Mrs. Darcy

Resources for young writers: Teen Ink, Young Poets Network, Young Writer’s Project

Writing Prompts: Poets & Writers: The Time is Now

Poetry: Poetry Foundation


helpful links: tfrrs NCAA, USATF

meet entry links: DirectAthletics

DFW area: Clines Running Corner, RunOn!, Luke’s Locker, Run Speed Performance


The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows , what if? xkcd webcomic